Your body is like the wick of a candle, and the mind is like the glow all around it. Prana is the vital energy needed by our physical and subtle layers, without which the body would perish. It is the prana or life force in us that nourishes the mind and keeps the body alive.Prana refers to the universal life force and ayama means to regulate or lengthen. Pranayama means working in the dimension of prana.Prana creates an aura around the body. It flows through thousands of subtle energy channels called nadis and energy centers called chakras.The quantity and quality of prana and the way it flows through the nadis and chakras determine one’s state of mind.If the prana level is high and its flow is continuous, smooth, and steady, the mind remains calm, positive, and enthusiastic. However, the lack of knowledge and attention to one’s breath could cause partial blockages in the nadis and chakras. Unfortunately,this leads to a jerky and broken prana flow. As a result, one experiences increased worries, fear, uncertainty, tensions, conflict andother negative qualities.The regular practice of breathing exercises can completely change the quality of life that one is leading.Increases and enhances the quantity and quality of prana, thereby increasing our energy levels Clears blocked nadis and chakras, thereby expanding your aura and heightening the spirit Makes one energetic, enthusiastic, calmer and positive. Such a state of mind helps us in making better decisions,having mental strength when dealing with adversities and feeling happierBrings harmony between the body, mind, and spirit, making one physically, mentally and, spiritually strongIt brings clarity to the mind and good health to the body