Ashtanga yoga


Ashtanga yoga steps also boost metabolism and calorie burning, thus facilitating weight loss.Ashtanga yoga helps tune the body allocation and balance.If you love structure and if you want to challange then Ashtanga yoga is for you .The practice is consonantly from day after day,& it takes most people years to move up a level. If you have got touchy muscle massor joints, this could now not be the practice for you.Ashtanga increasestoughness and flexibility,The abrupt and acute asanas instill the body with a better sense of rhythm, and increase your alertnessof your body’s movements and flow Ashtanga yoga Advantages as follows:

Improves resilience over time, as with most forms of yoga :
Increases courage & strenght
Increases muscle tone
Improves cardiovascular fitness
Reduces body fat
Reduces stress and anxiety
Increases focus and creativity
Lowers blood pressure