hatha yoga is a technique that was established from theories and techniques of ”Tantra Yoga”The tantrics embraced the physical body as the means to achieve wisdom and established thephysical-spiritual relations and body-centered practices that lead to Hatha Yoga.But Hatha Yoga is only focused on changing the physical body by distillation and the improvement of the subtle energies of the body. The ultimate goal of this type of yoga is to direct the needed energy into the central channel and draw it up towards the crown chakra.Hatha and Hatha Yoga are used in current times as avast and universal term for yoga which does not have a specific style attached to it.Hatha practices are designed to adjust, disinfect and calm your body, mind, and spirit in order to achieve deeper states of meditation and spiritual realization. A typical class will be relatively affable, slow and good for beginners, but it is hard to know what a specific class will be like before attending.A regular practice will improve strength, energy, flexibility, range of motion, and balance; reduce tention, and provide manyother remedial benefits as well.